Materials Science Division

Nanoscale, Surface, and Interface Science Group

We design, develop, and characterize nanoscale architectures for a wide array of applications ranging from water purification to energy storage and quantum devices.

While working at the intersection of physics, materials science, engineering, and chemistry, our group makes advances in nanoscience—the synthesis, characterization, and manipulation of structures, objects, and features at the scale of atoms and molecules.

Using some of the most advanced imaging and analytical instruments and fabrication tools and processes available, we study:

  • How atoms and molecules assemble at the nanoscale.
  • How material structure affects its properties, including electrical, mechanical, and thermal behavior.
  • The significance of surface boundary and quantum mechanical effects and how they may confer properties on materials.

Our findings help us develop diverse and sophisticated materials in support of the Laboratory’s national security mission and foundational science research.

In the news

Research areas

Direct-ink-write 3D printing of a carbon fiber composite material

Applied polymer science

Focusing on a diverse range of applied research—with a unified theme of polymer science

Water in a carbon nanotube.

Nanofluidics and precision separations

Delivering cutting-edge science to address fundamental research problems relevant to national security

The circulator device made from quantum anomalous Hall materials, which is smaller than a US dime.

Quantum materials and devices

Addressing research challenges in quantum science and technology through fundamental advances in physics, materials, engineering design, and prototype development

Our team


Willey, Trevor
Kucheyev, Sergei O.
Bagge-Hansen, Michael
Lewicki, James

Group members

Bayu Aji, Leonardus Bimo
Bhandarkar, Neal
Biener, Juergen
Juergen Biener
Braun, Tom
Tom Braun
Colliard, Ian
Ian Colliard
Engwall, Alison
Fears, Tyler Martin
Forien, Jean-Baptiste
Goodelman, Daniel Charles
Daniel Goodelman
Hammons, Joshua Aaron
Joshua Hammons
Li, Zhongwu
Zhongwu Li
Li, Yuhao
Yuhao Li
Nielsen, Mike
Mike Nielsen
Noy, Alex
Orme, Chris
Pendse, Aaditya
Qu, Dongxia
Seo, Minsuk
Minsuk Seo
Shin, Swanee
Steelman, Michael Eugene
Michael Steelman
Taylor, Gregory Vincent
Gregory Taylor
Tsurumoto, Maxwell Glen
Maxwell Tsurumoto
Wang, Yaqing
Xu, Xiaojie
Ye, Jianchao
Zhang, Yuliang
Yuliang Zhang